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Gromet Green Laning in Derbyshire

123We have just had a typical bank holiday weekend, it slung it down with rain and the wind reached near gale force in Rangoon, we were not so unfortunate. Sunday morning reached Derbyshire with the sound of three Land Rovers accompanying the dawn chorus in their respective drives, our rendezvous? Dave's place.

Nip along with Gill and the kids made for the plume of diesel smoke rising from West Hallam before we all swept into Derby at 10:30am. Dave and myself eagerly sank our heads under Nips bonnet and ogled, most appreciatively, at Alan D. Rover's new Nissan 2.7 engine before taking possession of route planners prepared by Dave.

He did a grand job as we took up our positions in the mini convoy and ploughed off up the road to Botswana, I mean Derbyshire's Peak District. We had atrocious conditions before us, the sort of thing that lays down a challenge to us green laners, the sort of thing that only Land Rovers can cope with, we had rivers to ford, roads to go up and almost more than once we found ourselves having to leave the shelter of our respective vehicles in a field with live cows and dangerously energetic new born lambs.

We had a great day, and of course there is always a price to pay, I now have to repair my exhaust pipe, which separated on one of those sneaky lanes.


This could be Wood Lane, then again it might be Whitelow Lane
Or is it Green Lane or Leys Lane?


After disappearing down lane after lane we stopped for a picnic.
Any way it was a photo opportunity somewhere on Bonsall Moor - Who needs a GPS? I just followed Dave.

Here we see Gromet from Alan's cab with Wallace supervising a 90' corner on a very narrow lane.

It's Ford Crossing Time With Polly on the Camera


Dave dives in first


Then it's Gromet


And Alan takes up the rear. 


Alan-D-Rover with Gill and Dave


Here comes Alan - We have escaped the field of wild cows.


Roof racks are ever so adaptable
just ask Gill


Down this track and turn left,
then it is another 20 miles home.


Off Road