Family Tree

A Gromet Is Born

1. Bespoke chassis laid out

2. Gromet's back is bolted on, windows
still to be cut out.

3. Bulkhead and front.

4. Wiring looms in place.

5. Beginning to take shape now.

6. Very recognisable now with the
front wings in place.

7. Almost complete, on the outside.
But no windows in the back yet.


  • Approx 28 mpg
  • Fully refurbished by Warwick 4x4 Sept 1994:-
  • Galvinised chassis and coil springs, RR axles, disc brakes all round with dual circuit braking system and servo, all new cupro brake pipes and flexibles.
  • Painted Vauxhall Flame Red, now Rimini Metalic Red with Ivory roof and wheels. Bumper and windscreen surround black.
  • Two moorland Hi-Back front seats. Two forward facing Moorland Weenies with lap and diagonal seat belts now replaced by side seats.
  • Grey carpets and soundproofing (more added later).
  • Roof lining, grey vinyle door trims with pockets.
  • Stainless steel exhaust system.
  • Galvanised roof rack and access ladder.
  • Kenlowe Hot Start fitted.
  • Reconditioned 2.5L diesel, Steve Graham Services - Jan 1996
  • Extra sound proofing added
  • Overdrive, supplied by Shardlow Land Rovers - May 1996 and fitted by me
  • Reconditioned gearbox D. Beaumont - April 1997
  • Poly Bushes fitted, Foremost 4x4 - Sept 1998
  • Rebuilt gear box, Foremost 4x4 - March 1999
  • Coil springs replaced to give a slightly softer ride, makes a big difference.
  • Bulkhead repair, Foremost 4x4 - Sept 2001
  • Timing belt replaced, Foremost 4x4 - May 2002
  • Steering damper fitted, Foremost 4x4 - May 2002
  • Major Service, Ron Brookes - Dec 2002
  • £6000 Refurbish at Churchill Land Rovers, Nov 2007

At last I've done it

I've bought a Land Rover Discovery, not a second hand Land Rover Discovery, not a reconditioned Land Rover Discovery BUT a brand new Land Rover Discovery Starter Motor, to turn over Gromet's fully reconditioned, naturally aspirated, 2.5L diesel engine, donated by an errant Land Rover 90 and fitted by Steve Graham of Billingham, Cleveland, who also reconditioned it, but more of that later. 


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