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Another Day Dawns


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We frequently visited Spar as bona fide customers rhater than Heron Photographers, I went complete with a list of our intended purchases emblazoned on Freya’s hand. For tea we were to partake of pasta with scrambled eggs, finely chopped bacon, gourmet sliced mushrooms and tinned tomatoes but unexplainably we came out with Eccles cakes, lettuce, bread and a toothbrush.  On exiting the premises we spied a chicken following a very fluffy dog down the road, we threw it some chips and it cleared off, the dog jumped in back of a VW pickup, it was only then that we realised it had Sam’s jacket, although Zee swore it was one of Freddie’s cut down vests.

We watched Zee walking the dogs, she walked right down to the far end of the beach then, without warning, we realised she wasn’t Zee at all, she was an imposter no less, a wolf in sheep’s clothing and it was wearing Luke’s glasses, yes it was a damned ugly sheep, except it wasn’t.

Being Wednesday and it was raining we decided it must be Market Day in Pwhelli but the clock tells lies, how is one supposed to be in Pwhelli at 9:00 am when the clock says it is 9:53?  I blame Robert Powell myself, it all began one day, a long, long time ago, he was seen hanging from the minute hand attached to Big Ben, legs flailing and panes of glass smashing, time has never been the same since.  Now time flies past when you least expect it, then it crawls past when you are waiting for an important event, like the end of a working day.

On approaching the outskirts of Pwhelli we merged in with the perpetual traffic jam but within hours we were in the town centre where we parked up rather than join the grid lock the made up the town centre road system.  As we wandered round the streets of Pwhelli we kept bumping into members of our extended family, many of whom ended up at Gwalia for lunch, the cafe and bakery hasn’t changed in decades, and we were most surprised when we recognised some of the waitresses, then we realised they must be the hereditary grand children of the waitresses we had known back in the 1970s.

Alfie noticed that when you walk into the window you cannot go any further, he is very observant in that way.

Yesterday, we went up the coast guard, nearly all of us drove up to the summit where we poured out of our vehicles and spread about the mountain top before sideling down the west side to stare back at the camera still struggling at the top of the hill.

Coast Guard